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Monday 14th April 2014

Self-Assembling Molecular Structures

Novel molecular structures and materials

Professor Daan Frenkel, Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Head of Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

19.30, Monday 14th April, 2014
Wolfson Lecture Theatre
Churchill College, Storey's Way, Cambridge

Prior to the main lecture Evan Miles, one of last years Bursary award winners, will give a short presentation on his study of Himalayan glacial lakes

Download a full synopsis of this event as an Adobe PDF file


"One of the holy grails of nano-science is to design complex structures that assemble themselves. This can only work if the different building blocks 'know where to go'. In my talk I will discuss some of the principles behind complex self-assembly. Some of these principles may be counter-intuitive (such as assembly due to an increase in entropy), others, such as the assembly of DNA-tagged particles, may sound more plausible, but are difficult to implement. In my talk I will discuss some of the insights gained through computer simulations and I will argue that, whilst the field started slowly, the future looks bright".

*** NEWS ***

Our next visit, to the brand new MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, will take place on Thursday 8th May. Dubbed the "Nobel Prize Factory" this will be a popular visit. Full details may be downloaded here.


Professor David Adamson was our guide around the West Cambridge site and King's College Chapel on Tuesday the 8th April. Some images and notes from that visit are to be found on the visits page.


Professor Holger Babinsky has kindly provided the slides of his lecture, for our archive. It may be downloaded here. It is on the large side but well worth the wait (~3 mins download time)


The 2014 CSAR bursaries have been awarded. Go to the bursary page for the full details of the winners


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