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Promoting the application of research through lectures, visits and debates

CSAR exists to encourage an appreciation of the application of research through lectures, visits and student awards. We make time around these for conversation and interaction, providing excellent opportunities to meet people, make new friends, expand horizons, and network.

Recent speakers include Dr Hermann Hauser, Co-Founder & Partner of Amadeus Capital Partners, Professor Monica Grady, Professor of Planetary and Space Science, Professor Dame Julia Slingo DBE, Chief Scientist, UK Met Office, Professor Sir John Gurdon, Dept Zoology, University of Cambridge, and Dr Gerard Lyons, Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London.

Visits have taken us to e-Go aeroplanes, the world-famous MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, The Print Studio (workshop of the master printmaker Kip Gresham) and elsewhere.

You don’t have to be a member to come to a lecture, and anyone can apply to be a member. Members are a broad mix of people, from those still at school to those already retired, from students and researchers to entrepreneurs and business professionals, all from a wide range of backgrounds. Please explore our website to find out more, or join online now.

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