About us

CSAR is a charity run by a council of volunteers. The Society is governed by its Council and a written Constitution. Sir John Cockcroft was its founding President in 1964.

Council Members as of 1st March 2017:

  • Sir David Wallace: President
  • Dr Valerie Anderson: Vice President
  • Dr Camilla Benfield: Secretary to Council
  • Mrs Sue McMeekin: Honorary Treasurer
  • Mr Barry Thompson: Membership Secretary
  • Mr Andrew Shepherd: Programme Secretary
  • Mr John Grieve: Visits Organiser
  • Mrs Jane Baker: Outreach and Student Award Secretary
  • Dr Robin Catchpole
  • Prof. Lawrence Sherman
  • Mr Rod Kirkby
  • Dr Ilesh Bidd
  • Mr Edward Briffa
  • Dr Paul Coxon
  • Prof. Xiang Zhang
  • Dr Alexander Bates of BlueSci (co-opted member of council)

Programmes and posters

Programme cards can be picked up at lectures from the reception desk in the foyer outside the lecture theatre. However, if you would like to print your own, the PDF can be found here.

Alternatively you can download a general poster , or a poster aimed at schools or at university departments.

For more information please explore our website or contact us.