Interested in Science? Business? Engineering? Marketing? Do you need to read around your subject or show that you’re interested in more than the confines of a syllabus? Could you write us a review of one of the talks? Could you interview a speaker? Take some great photos or design an image for our website?

CSAR is interested in the APPLICATION of research. From how science and art come together to allow images of Richard III to be made from a skull found in a car park, to how new technologies in computing can be brought to market.

Our talks focus on both research and its application and attendees range from students, university researchers and professors, to entrepreneurs and business professionals, as well as those who are just plain interested in the world. We organise talks and visits and make time around them for discussion, so that people can get together to network and meet people from outside their field.

Lectures are at 7:30pm, with tea, coffee and biscuits available free from 7pm. Parking is available at Churchill College. The bar is open for drinks, including lattes and hot chocolates, after the lectures. (And even during, for anyone who is just doing the driving!)

CSAR offers a School membership category. If a school is a member, there will be one member of staff who is our contact point. If you have an idea of how you could be involved (e.g. by writing a review) or how we could help you, ask your school’s contact member of staff to contact our Outreach and Student Award Secretary.