Several visits are organised each year. In previous years we have visited companies including Carl Zeiss, e-Go aeroplanes, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and The Sainsbury Laboratory, and Schlumberger Gould Research. You must be either a member of CSAR or a registered attender to come on a visit and should provide your own transport. There is usually a small charge of £10 per person.

For more details please contact John Grieve –

Visits this year included a trip to NIAB's MacLeod Complex and G’s Growers Cooperative - audience feedback showed that the day was a big success:

‘Bill Clark [at NIAB] was superb - an exemplar of clarity - with a command of his subject at every level which was most impressive, combined with a natural warmth in delivery that couldn't fail to charm.'

'Two super chaps [at G's] showed us the intricacies of lettuce production and made it absolutely fascinating. The minibus made traveling around feasible, and it was valuable to see the planters and pickers first hand, rather than in a photo in a slide pack.’

‘Excellent visit, very well organised.’