Development of a combined digital and biomarker test for Bipolar Disorder.

Professor Sabine Bahn and colleagues

Improving and accelerating the correct diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder using a two-stage diagnostic approach.


Mon 22nd Jan 2024

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A multi-cancer early detection test - TBC

Professor Mark Middleton



Mon 5th Feb 2024

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Bringing graphene devices to market - TBC

Dr. Simon Thomas



Mon 19th Feb 2024

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Robotics in agriculture - TBC

Professor Martin Fodstad Stølen



Mon 4th Mar 2024

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The CSAR PhD Student Awards application process for 2024 awards is now open.

CSAR exists to encourage an appreciation of the application of research through lectures and online webinars, visits, the CSAR PhD student awards and outreach to schools. We make time around these for conversation and interaction (when conditions permit), providing excellent opportunities to meet people, make new friends, expand horizons, and network.

Our members are a broad mix of people, from students and researchers to entrepreneurs and business professionals, from those still at school to those already retired - all from a wide range of backgrounds. We welcome new members to our lectures, webinars, and other events, and encourage you to join CSAR online in advance of the event you wish to attend.

CSAR also makes annual awards of £1,000 each, to recognise outstanding research with real world application and to assist students to pursue their research or careers. The scheme is open to students in any discipline at the University of Cambridge, currently studying for their Ph.D.

CSAR lectures are held in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre at Churchill College, with live streaming of the event (via Zoom) for those who don't wish to attend in person. The individual lecture pages have links to the Eventbrite booking system where you can book tickets for in-person attendance or Zoom viewing. Attendance is free for subscribing members of CSAR (individual, family, school students...) ; there's a small fee for others.

The use of Zoom means that it is now very easy to record lectures, and to put the recordings on the CSAR website; we encourage you to visit the video library or our YouTube channel, and view the excellent lectures that you may have missed. Some selected recordings are highlighted in the main body of the Video Library page, but the year-by-year menu on the right has all of them (some speakers don't want their talks shown on YouTube, because they show us unpublished results).

If you attend in person, you are welcome to buy self-service dinner in Churchill Dining Hall beforehand, and wine, tea and coffee, and biscuits are available outside the lecture theatre. There is also usually the chance afterwards to chat with the speaker and other CSAR members afterwards in the college bar. There is plenty of free parking at Churchill.

Please do not attend the lectures in person if you are feeling ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19.

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CSAR is a registered charity run by volunteers; donations are very welcome and allow us to continue our operations (covering, for example, our Zoom licence) and to maintain our PhD Student Award scheme. You can find a button to donate via our Paypal account on each lecture page, and on the Sponsors and Donors page.

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Robotics in agriculture - TBC

Professor Martin Fodstad Stølen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences/Fieldwork Robotics Ltd.


Lecture Mon 4th Mar 2024


Owlstone Medical

Owlstone Medical

A visit to Owlstone Medical's site on the Cambridge Science Park, for subscribing CSAR members only (Individual, Family, Donor, Honorary and Complimentary - 19 places).

Visit Tue 14th Nov 2023

Exploring the application of research

Recent speakers include Dr. Pearce Keane of Moorfields Eye Hospital, on the use of AI in interpretation of retinal scans; Dr. Giles Yeo from the MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit, University of Cambridge, on the truth about diets; Professor Didier Queloz, University of Cambridge, on the exoplanet revolution; Professor Tim Lang from City University London on the UK food supply; and Ian Cash from International Electric Company, on space-based solar power generation.

Pre-pandemic visits have been to CMR Surgical, to see its world-leading Versius system of next-generation robotic-assisted surgery; Greene King’s historic Bury St Edmunds Brewery in the company of Ross O’Hara, the youngest Master Brewer in the UK; and to the Cavendish Laboratory’s Maxwell Centre, one of the world's leading physics research laboratories and its Centre dedicated to industrial and societal applications. In 2023 we have had excellent visits to the British Antarctic Survey and the Institute of Manufacturing.

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7th Dec 2023

Dr. Carol Ibe (2019 CSAR Student Award winner )

2nd Sep 2023

Smart rugby ball used in Six Nations 2023

28th Aug 2023

Dr. Stephen Ajadi (2023 CSAR Student Award winner )