Harnessing cancer patients’ own immune system to control disease.

Professor Ann Ager, MA, PhD, FLSW

T cell homing in cancer immunotherapy: challenges and opportunities


Mon 30th May 2022

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Are we alone?

Dr.Robin Catchpole

How likely is technologically advanced life elsewhere in the Universe?


Mon 13th Jun 2022

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Antimicrobial resistance - TBC

Professor Steve Baker



Mon 17th Oct 2022

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Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain

Professor Usha Goswami, CBE FRS FBA



Mon 31st Oct 2022

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Harnessing cancer patients’ own immune system to control disease.

Professor Ann Ager, MA, PhD, FLSW, Professor of Cellular Immunity and Immunotherapy, Division of Infection and Immunity, School of Medicine and Systems Immunity Research Institute, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.

T cell homing in cancer immunotherapy: challenges and opportunities

Lecture Mon 30th May 2022

Are we alone?

Dr.Robin Catchpole, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

How likely is technologically advanced life elsewhere in the Universe?

Lecture Mon 13th Jun 2022


Projectile Fusion

Dr. Nathan Joiner, First Light Fusion, Yarnton, Oxfordshire

A new challenge in applied computational science and engineering

Lecture Mon 23rd May 2022

Protein self-assembly

Professor Tuomas Knowles, Professor of Physical Chemistry and Biophysics, Cambridge University

From fundamentals to applications in materials and drug discovery

Lecture Mon 21st Mar 2022

Exploring the application of research

Recent speakers include Professor George Malliaras of Cambridge University Engineering Dept., on electronic interfacesto the brain; Dr. Pearce Keane of Moorfields Eye Hospital, on the use of AI in interpretation of retinal scans; Dr. Giles Yeo from the MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit, University of Cambridge, on the truth about diets; Professor Nigel Brandon from Imperial College London, on the role of hydrogen in the UK economy; Professor Didier Queloz, University of Cambridge, on the exoplanet revolution; and Professor Ruth Cameron, University of Cambridge, on ice templating for regenerative medecine.


Visits are suspended at the moment, but pre-pandemic we have been to CMR Surgical, to see its world-leading Versius system of next-generation robotic-assisted surgery; Greene King’s historic Bury St Edmunds Brewery in the company of Ross O’Hara, the youngest Master Brewer in the UK; and to the Cavendish Laboratory’s Maxwell Centre, one of the world's leading physics research laboratories and its Centre dedicated to industrial and societal applications.

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22nd May 2022

Zhaozhi Qian: paper on disease progression of COVID-19 patients

10th Mar 2022

Prof. Jonathan Heeney's company receives grant for vaccine development

7th Dec 2021

Benjamin Droguet interviewed by "WIRED"