About us

CSAR is a charity run by a council of volunteers. The Society is governed by its Council and a written Constitution. Sir John Cockcroft was its founding President in 1964.

Council members as of 18 July 2017:

Prof Sir Mike Gregory


Dr Valerie Anderson

Vice President

Dr Camilla Benfield

Secretary to Council

Mrs Sue McMeekin

Honorary Treasurer

Mr Barry Thompson

Membership Secretary

Mr Andrew Shepherd

Programme Secretary

Mr John Grieve

Visits Organiser

Mrs Jane Baker

Outreach and Student Award Secretary

Dr Robin Catchpole

Mr Rod Kirkby

Mr Edward Briffa


Dr Paul Coxon

Postdocs of Cambridge Society

Prof. Xiang Zhang

Dr Alexander Bates

BlueSci (co-opted member)

Ms Andrea Strakova

Vacancies on Council

There are currently two vacancies on Council. If you are interested in finding out what might be involved please contact Valerie Anderson, the Vice President.

We are particularly interested to hear from female applicants (women are currently under-repesented on Council), and from those who have skills in one or more of the following areas that they might wish to put to use at CSAR:

  • digital photography
  • social media (particularly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • web production (we use ProcessWire)
  • video editing and post-production
  • event public relations


If you'd like to contact a member of Council please email or say hello at a future event.

Postal Correspondence

If you need to send business correspondence by post please address it to:

Barry Thompson
Project Accountant
Cambridge Enterprise Ltd, University of Cambridge
Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge, CB3 0GT


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18th Oct 2017

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