About us

CSAR is a charity run by a council of volunteers. The Society is governed by its Council and a written Constitution. Sir John Cockcroft was its founding President in 1964.

Council members as of 21 January 2019:

Prof Sir Richard Friend


Dr Valerie Anderson

Vice President

Dr Camilla Benfield

Secretary to Council

Mrs Sue McMeekin

Honorary Treasurer

Mr John Grieve

Visits Organiser

Mrs Jane Baker

PhD Student Awards Secretary

Dr Robin Catchpole

Dr Paul Coxon

Postdocs of Cambridge Society

Dr. John Cook

Marketing and membership secretary

Ursula Dunn

How can you get more involved in CSAR?

We are always interested to hear from members who might be interested in playing an active part in CSAR. Skills that we currently seek include:

  • event operations, including staffing the ticket desk
  • photography (taking digital photos of speakers)
  • social media (particularly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)

If you'd like to find out more, please speak to the president of CSAR, Prof. Sir Mike Gregory, or to the vice-president, Valerie Anderson, at one of the CSAR events.


All views and opinions expressed in CSAR lectures and webinars, in the Question and Answer sessions, and in the recordings of them where applicable, are those of our speakers. CSAR accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or any other aspect of these materials.


16th Jun 2022

Dr Nick Jones (2016 CSAR Student Award winner)

16th Jun 2022

Dr Douwe Kiela (2016 CSAR Student Award winner)

16th Jun 2022

Dr Ashish Goel (2016 CSAR Student Award winner)