Q: How long does a membership subscription last?

A: Membership subscriptions last for 12 months from the date of joining, or from the date when renewal becomes due. So, if you join part way through the year you will still get 12 months value out of your subscription.

Q: I'm a member of CSAR. Can I bring a guest?

A: Yes, guests are welcome, subject to space, but they will need to become a member. If they join as a Pay-As-You-Go member there is no upfront fee, and £5 will be payable on the door. If your guest is an undergraduate or postgraduate student or a recent PhD there are concessionary rates. Teachers and school students can join free of charge and there is no attendance fee. If your guest is a member of your family you might wish to consider a family membership.

Q: Can I reserve a seat for a lecture in advance?

A: Unfortunately not, so we encourage you to come early to avoid disappointment. Once you have checked in, we will issue you with a ticket which entitles you to a seat. You may wish to use the time before the lecture to have supper or a drink.

Q: When I use 'add to my calendar' I receive a message from AddEvent. Why?

A: AddEvent is a third party company which provides this function for CSAR. When events change their details, we would like this to be updated in your calendar, which is made possible by using 'push' notifications. AddEvent requests your permission to send you 'push' notifciations.

Q: How can I propose a speaker?

A: Speaker suggestions are very welcome. Please email them to the Vice-President, Dr. Valerie Anderson. Please provide their name, organisation, and a short statement as to why you think they'd make a good speaker. A link to a video of them speaking would be very helpful. We're happy to receive self-nominations.

Q: How can I get more involved in CSAR?

A: We welcome volunteers who wish to be involved event organisation and marketing. Please email a member of Council or say hello at a future meeting. If you wish to become more deeply involved, vacancies on Council come up from time to time and we welcome those interested in applying.

Q: What are the charitable donations to CSAR used for?

A: The majority of donations are used to fund the CSAR PhD Student Awards. In 2019 we were able to increase the number of these awards to twelve.

Q: What if I am finding it difficult to afford to attend?

A: We don’t want the cost of attendance to prevent people from coming to lectures. If the price presents a difficulty for you please contact the vice-president, Valerie Anderson, who will he happy to discuss a concession or waiver according to circumstances.

Q: Why do we ask you to let us know your gender and age group?

A: We try to ensure that the membership of CSAR reflects the demography of people living in and around Cambridge. For instance, women are currently under-represented in our membership. It's only by tracking the statistics that we can see whether we are improving.

Q: Why do we ask your feedback on events that you did not attend?

A: Because we want to know why you did not attend. For instance, did the topic not appeal or were you simply too busy. This feedback helps shape the programme in future

Q: Shouldn't CSAR video its lectures?

Currently, when all lectures are delivered via Zoom, we record all lectures (provided the speaker gives permission) and the videos subsequently appear on the page for the lecture and on our YouTube channel. When we are able to resume face-to-face events, we plan to record about four of them per year thanks to the support of The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. The cost of recording and editing video is signifcant, and without charitable support we would be unable to do this.

Q: I'm trying to renew my membership from an old-ish PC and am getting error messages. What should I do?

A: If your PC uses software that is no longer supported, such as Windows XP, you may not be able to use the membership software to renew your membership. In which case please write to marketing@csar.org.uk stating that you wish to renew, and we will renew you, pending payment. You can then pay either by online banking (preferably) or cheque. The details for this are:

  • To pay by online banking, please use sort code 40-52-40 and account number 00021400, and add your email address as the reference.
  • To pay by cheque, please post your cheque (payable to Cambridge Society for the Application of Research) to John Cook, 4 Girton Road, Cambridge CB3 0LJ.


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