Meet the Authors

  • Mon 24th Apr 2017

Three talks, one evening
“The Science of Mind over Body” - Dr Jo Marchant
“The Computing Universe” - Prof Tony Hey
“The Fall & Rise of UK Nuclear Power” - Dr Simon Taylor

Sir David Wallace writes:“For this evening we are blessed with three excellent speakers, each of which is expert in their own field and has published to great acclaim.”

Can the mind heal us?Scientists are often sceptical, but recent research in a range of fields is showing how our mental state can play a crucial role in determining both symptoms we experience and the underlying processes of disease. Placebos trigger biological changes similar to those caused by drugs. Mood predicts complication rates during surgery. Immune responses are influenced by taste and smell. In this talk, Jo Marchant will discuss the potential -and limits -of the mind in physical health, and ask how we might harness these principles in medical care.

Computers impact every aspect of our lives - how did this happen so fast?Tony Hey will lead us on a journey from the early days of computers in the 1930s to the cutting-edge research of the present day shaping the computing of the future. Hardware, software, algorithms, Moore's Law, the birth of the personal computer, the Internet and the Web, the Turing Test, Jeopardy's Watson, World of Warcraft, spyware, Google, Facebook, quantum computing and the fascinating cast of dreamers and inventors who brought these technological developments into every corner of the modern world will be introduced.

The first new nuclear power station in the UK for 20 years was given the go-ahead in 2016 by the British government. Described as a private sector project, Hinkley Point C will in fact be financed and owned largely by the French and Chinese, using US originated technology. Though Britain pioneered civil nuclear power in the 1950s, it has no nuclear power station capability. Britons will pay a very high, guaranteed price over 35 years for electricity generated by the most expensive power station ever to be built. Hinkley will be the fifth example of the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) type to be built: not one of the other four is on time, on budget or in operation. How did all this come to pass?

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Jo Marchant, Tony Hey and Simon Taylor will talk about their new books and join in discussion afterwards

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