Clean Brexit - how to make a success of leaving the EU

Since 1999, the share of UK trade with the EU has fallen from 61% to just over 40%. If the single market is so good for the UK, why do we trade less with the EU than with the rest of the world?

  • Mon 23rd Apr 2018

It is not just leaving the EU, but what you do when you leave that is key. Brexit allows the UK to return law making and set its own migration policy but it is also the trigger to refocus the economy. UK growth is too low and imbalanced. Now we have the catalyst to change. Of course the UK needs a good relationship with the EU but to succeed it also needs to reposition itself globally and focus on its domestic economic agenda. In his talk, Dr Lyons outlines what future success will look like and explains that the “five I’s are needed”, but what are they? Come and find out.

Dr Gerard Lyons, Netwealth Investments

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The development of a plaster for the human heart

Vera Graup, Cambridge University Hospitals

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