Epigenetics - Why DNA Is Not Your Destiny

How a complex web of chemical changes can have profound effects on gene expression and life itself

  • Mon 19th Feb 2018

Our DNA genome is necessary but not sufficient for complex life. It’s overlaid and augmented by a complex web of chemical changes, that have profound effects on gene expression and life itself. This is the field of epigenetics, which is transforming our understanding of situations ranging from human cancers to crocodile gender; from the long-lasting effects of childhood trauma to the development of barley crops; from tortoiseshell cats to why humans don’t develop teeth in their eyeballs. Most controversially, even the inheritance of acquired characteristics (Lamarckism) may be a genuine epigenetic phenomenon.

Dr Nessa Carey, Imperial College, London

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The lecture was preceded by a short presentation from a CSAR PhD Student Award winner

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Himansha Singh

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