Can we slow ageing? Lessons from an EPIC cohort

What 25,000 people in Norfolk have been teaching us about how to maintain health and prevent chronic disease

  • Mon 1st Oct 2018

Prof. Kay-Tee Khaw will present some findings to date on the potentially modifiable lifestyle and physiological factors which predict good health in later life using examples from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, EPIC, a ten country collaboration on 500,000 participants which aims to investigate determinants of cancer. EPIC-Norfolk is a collaborating British cohort in which the aims have been broadened to identify other lifestyle and biological determinants of overall health in older adults. EPIC-Norfolk ( comprises 25,000 men and women aged 40-79 years who were first surveyed 1993-1997 and who have been followed up to the present for health.

Prof. Kay-Tee Khaw, University of Cambridge

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The lecture will be preceded by a short presentation from a CSAR PhD Student Award winner

Low power low cost wearable electronics

Chen Jiang, University of Cambridge

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