Lectures - 2020/2021

Electronics on the brain

Professor George Malliaras, Prince Philip Professor of Technology, Department of Engineering

How electronics can help with neurological disorders.

Tooth Regeneration and Repair:

Professor Paul Sharpe, King's College London, Head of the Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology, Dickinson Professor of Craniofacial Biology.

Dentistry in the 21st Century


Professor Nigel Brandon, Imperial College London

Its Role in the UK Economy

The Exoplanet revolution

Professor Didier Queloz, Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Searching for planets around other stars

Space Weather

Professor Richard B. Horne, Head of Space Weather and Atmosphere, British Antarctic Survey

Exploring the science, impacts and challenges posed by space weather

Graphene and GaN

Prof Sir Colin Humphreys, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Cambridge

From Basic Science to Manufacturing Devices

Sounding out wearable and audio data for health diagnostics

Professor Cecilia Mascolo, Professor of Mobile Systems, Department of Computer Science and Technology; Co-director for the Centre for Mobile, Wearable Systems and Augmented Intelligence, Cambridge University

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of mobile and wearable sensing applied to health diagnosis and disease progression.