Driving Insurance Innovation

Data Science and Research at Aviva

  • Mon 22nd Feb 2021

Data science has burst into the mainstream in recent years and, let’s face it, we would not have data science without research. A number of developments have underpinned the transformation in data science and I will explore how these changes have driven a quiet revolution in insurance. I will introduce some of the practical realities of data science and insurance that may not be obvious to the casual observer, looking at how research can be a double edged sword – leading to winners as well as losers. I will look ahead to what might happen to insurance in future and how some promising research from Cambridge University PhD students might be part of that future.

Simon Warsop, FIA, Life Analytics Director | Partner, Aviva Quantum

Simon joined the Aviva family 1990 as an actuarial trainee and qualified as an actuary in 1996. He has a BSc in Mathematics and is currently the Life Analytics Director and Practice Partner in Quantum, Aviva’s Data Science Practice. Prior to this role, Simon spent 15 years pricing Aviva’s personal lines general insurance products.

Simon sits on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Research and Thought Leadership Board. He is passionate about using data science to support customer outcomes. Outside of work, Simon’s interests include walking his dogs, sailing, reading and travel. He is married with two children aged 19 and 17.

Attending lectures

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The lecture will be preceded by a short presentation from a CSAR PhD Award Winner.

Quantum computing using silicon transistors

Theodor Lundberg, PhD candidate and IBM PhD Fellow at the Department of Physics, Cambridge University.

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