CANCELLED (owing to unforeseen circumstances): Graphene, Two Dimensional Materials & Delivering the Future of Electronic Devices

Graphene has shown great promise for next-gen electronics. Product manufacture however has been immensely difficult, until Paragraf.

  • Mon 19th Feb 2024

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Our insatiable demand for higher performance in electronics has driven us to push traditional semiconductor materials, such as Silicon, to the limits. The resulting complex devices required to achieve our needs from these materials have imposed exponentially increasing power demands. To deliver the electronic devices of the future and alleviate these issues we need to introduce new, advanced materials with improved inherent characteristics. Two-dimensional materials, the most notable of which being graphene, offer extraordinary advanced in capabilities that can, if harnessed usher in a new age of advanced electronics.

This lecture will introduce graphene and 2D materials, the potential they offer, scaling of the first graphene electronics products, how this breakthrough was achieved by Paragraf, the exciting applications the devices will enable and the future landscape of two-dimensional electronics including the immense benefits they can bring, from driving to Net Zero through to diagnostics that will save millions of lives.

Dr. Simon Thomas, Paragraf Ltd.

Simon is CEO of Paragraf, the company he founded in 2018. With a diverse background in physics, engineering and materials science, he spent nearly 20 years in the fields of compound semiconductor materials, devices, and applications. Working in multiple scientific and technology disciplines led to the innovation of a novel manufacturing technique for graphene fabrication and subsequently Paragraf.

Today Paragraf is the only company in the world capable of producing graphene-based electronics at scale. The company’s products are transforming the worlds of magnetic sensing and biosensing in application spaces ranging across electrification of vehicles, quantum computing, medical diagnostics and renewable energy, to name a few. In the next 5 years the company will make graphene a standard material in the semiconductor world, enabling industries to reap the high performance and low power consumption benefits of this extraordinary material.

Simon is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and is passionate about developing technologies that can solve today’s enduring challenges and beneficially affect global society. He believes that new materials hold the key to transformational products that will deliver a brighter, more sustainable future.

Attending lectures

The lecture will be preceded by a short presentation from a CSAR PhD Award Winner.

Targeting RNA using molecular scissors (XNAzymes).

Maria Donde, The Cambridge Institute of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease (CITIID), Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge.