Attending lectures

CSAR lectures are held in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre at Churchill College, with live streaming of the event (via Zoom) for those who don't wish to attend in person. We have started using the Bookwhen booking system where you can get tickets for in-person attendance or Zoom viewing. Attendance is free for subscribing members of CSAR (individual, family, school students...) ; there's a small fee for others.

The use of Zoom means that it is now very easy to record lectures, and to put the recordings on the CSAR website; we encourage you to visit the video library or our YouTube channel, and view the excellent lectures that you may have missed. Some selected recordings are highlighted in the main body of the Video Library page, but the year-by-year menu on the right has all of them (some speakers don't want their talks shown on YouTube, because they show us unpublished results).

If you attend in person, you are welcome to buy self-service dinner in Churchill Dining Hall beforehand, and wine, tea and coffee, and biscuits are available outside the lecture theatre. There is also usually the chance afterwards to chat with the speaker and other CSAR members afterwards in the college bar. There is plenty of free parking at Churchill.

Please do not attend the lectures in person if you are feeling ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zoom, it is an app or software for online meetings and discussion with video and audio, and is very easy to use. It works on tablets and phones (Android and Apple), and on laptop or desktop computers (Windows or Apple). Ideally your computer should have a camera and a microphone, but you can listen to and watch a meeting without these. All you need to do to join a CSAR meeting via Zoom is to click on the link that we send you via email.

Events will be announced here on the website and by email when they are finalized. The emails will go to those members who have opted in to receiving emails about future events. If you have chosen not to receive these messages at present, but wish to start, please go to "Update details" at the top right of this page, and change your email preferences. You do not need a password; our membership system will send you a one-time link.

If you are not a member of CSAR but wish to attend or view future events, please join! This means your email address will go into our database and you can receive notifications of events. There is a variety of free memberships available. Click on the green "Join Us" button at the top of this page, enter your details, and under "Membership" select "Pay-as-you-go". This will allow you to participate in events on an occasional basis (there is a small charge for in-person attendance, but Zoom viewing is free). Of course, we very much welcome paid memberships as well, which give you unlimited free participation in events, and the chance to go on our visits to organisations in and around Cambridge. Finally, select "Yes - I wish to receive notification emails " to hear about future events. You don't need to remember a password for the membership system; it sends you a one-time link if you wish to log in.

Thank you for your interest in CSAR and its programme. If you would like to help us maintain our activities at their current level, you can make a donation to CSAR here, via PayPal or a bank card. Your gift will by default go into our general income fund; if you would like it to be used for a specific purpose such as the PhD Students Awards scheme, please let us know at CSAR is a registered charity run by volunteers.


7th Dec 2023

Dr. Carol Ibe (2019 CSAR Student Award winner )

2nd Sep 2023

Smart rugby ball used in Six Nations 2023