Attending lectures

The CSAR lecture programme is about to resume. The lectures will be online via Zoom for the autumn term and possibly beyond, and will be announced here on the website and by email when they are finalized. The emails will go to those members who have opted in to receiving emails about future events. If you have chosen not to receive these messages at present, but wish to start, please go to "Update details" at the top right of this page, and change your email preferences. You do not need a password; our membership system will send you a one-time link.

We may also have additional COVID-19 Question and Answer sessions during the autumn. Notifications for these will be sent in the same way.

If you are not a member of CSAR but wish to view the Q&A sessions and future webinars, please join! In the current situation it's free. This means your email address will go into our database and you will receive notifications of events and webinar joining instructions. Click on the green "Join Us" button at the top of this page, enter your details, and under "Membership" select "Pay-as-you-go" or one of the other free membership types (of course, we welcome paid memberships as well). Finally, under "Marketing Option" choose "Yes" to receive notification of future events. You don't need to remember a password; our membership system will send you a one-time link if you wish to update your details.

We hope to return to a mixture of online webinars and face-to-face events when circumstances permit.


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