Innovation and the Cambridge Cluster: Past, present and future

Development, characteristics and challenges.

  • Mon 30th Sep 2019

Cambridge has become synonymous with innovation but is also facing many challenges that are likely to impact its future trajectory. This presentation will be divided into three parts that will then lead to an open discussion. Firstly, the focus will be on the way in which this regional cluster has developed the capabilities to be internationally leading for innovation. Secondly, the characteristics of the present innovation cluster - and the unusual ways it works - will be explored. Finally, some of the challenges that have arisen as a result of success and the issues that need to be addressed will be presented.

Professor Tim Minshall, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Tim Minshall is the inaugural Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, and Head of the Department's Institute for Manufacturing. His research, teaching and outreach activities are focused on the links between manufacturing, innovation, and skills. He is also a Fellow of Churchill College, a member of the board of directors for IfM Education and Consultancy Services Ltd and St John’s Innovation Centre Ltd, and is a member of the IET's Innovation and Emerging Technologies Policy Panel and the UK Made Smarter Commission’s Expert Panel.

Attending lectures

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The lecture will be preceded by a short presentation from a CSAR PhD Award Winner.

A novel material for natural gas storage.

Bethany Connolly, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge.

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