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FlexEnable: Taking Organics Electronics from Lab to Fab

Dr. Mike Banach, FlexEnable Technology Ltd., Cambridge

Mon 16th Oct 2023

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Social prescribing - beyond pills

Professor Sir Sam Everington, Bromley by Bow Health Partnership, Tower Hamlets

Mon 30th Oct 2023

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ESA HydroGNSS Scout – A Small Satellite Mission Sensing Climate Variables using GNSS Reflectometry

Dr Martin Unwin, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

Mon 13th Nov 2023

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Unlocking cellular reprogramming to reverse ageing and age-driven diseases

Dr. Daniel Ives, Shift Bioscience

Mon 27th Nov 2023

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Development of a combined digital and biomarker test for Bipolar Disorder.

Professor Sabine Bahn and colleagues, University of Cambridge

Mon 22nd Jan 2024

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How are circulating tumour DNA tests going to change cancer care?

Professor Mark Middleton, University of Oxford Department of Oncology; Cancer Research UK Oxford Centre

Mon 5th Feb 2024

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What to do about plastics?

Professor Jonathan Cullen, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Mon 29th Apr 2024

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Creating brain organoids to uncover what makes us human.

Dr. Madeline Lancaster, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Mon 13th May 2024

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7th Dec 2023

Dr. Carol Ibe (2019 CSAR Student Award winner )

2nd Sep 2023

Smart rugby ball used in Six Nations 2023