CSAR is a registered charity, and membership benefits include access to:

  • approximately 15 lectures per year
  • complimentary tea, coffee and bisucits at those lectures
  • 2-3 visits per year to organisations at the cutting edge of applied research (for which there is a supplimentary charge of £10 per visit)

CSAR offers several types of membership for individuals:

  • Individual membership (£25): access to the above package, with priority booking for those lectures that seem likely to sell out
  • Family membership (£35): access to the above package, with priority booking, for all immediate family members. Family members aged under 18 must be accompanied by an adult member of the family.

Membership runs for 12 calendar months from the date of joining.

The rates for individuals and families have remained the same for the last eight years. If you are also a UK taxpayer, we would be extremely grateful if you would complete a Gift Aid form.

  • Student membership (free to join, and £2 per lecture): access to the above package but without priority booking, for undergraduate and postgraduate students of any university. This rate is subsidised by donations and other CSAR activities.
  • Recent PhD (free to join, and £2 per lecture): This category (introduced in February 2018) is for members who have received their PhD in the last three years. This rate is subsidised by donations and other CSAR activities. If you received your PhD more than three years ago, we ask that you either take out an individual subscription or register for Pay-As-You-Go (see below).

For those who aren't yet ready to take out membership, CSAR offers:

  • Pay-As-You-Go registration (free to register, and £5 per lecture): this category is aimed at people who would like to try a lecture or two before becoming a member; or who are unable to attend regularly. To take advantage of this scheme you need to make a one-off, free-of-charge, online registration before attending a lecture. A donation of £5 per lecture is then requested on the door. If you subsequently decide you would like to switch to a membership subsctiption please email and we will help you do this. A UK higher rate tax payer will find that an individual subscription is more cost-effective if he/she plans to attend more than 4 lectures a year.

You can join CSAR or register for Pay-As-You-Go online. If your membership requires a subscription fee, we accept debit and credit cards and PayPal. These are the easiest payment methods for us to process, and your membership will be effective immediately. You can also arrange to pay by online bank transfer, in which case your membership will be 'payment pending', becoming fully effective once we can check that the transfer has cleared.

As a final option we do accept cheques but we would appreciate your only using this method if you can't manage one of the above alternatives. Cheques are slow and labour intensive for us, and are a poor use of our volunteers' time.

For free membership for teachers and school students, please go to Schools

If you wish to change membership category before it expires - for instance, to switch from Pay-As-You-Go to an individual subscription - please email from the email address that we hold for you, and we can arrange for this to happen.


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