How to obtain a membership card

All members and Pay-As-You-Go registrants are entitled to a plastic membership card. These have QR codes on them which speeds up admission at the desk on the night of a lecture.

If you're an individual or family subscriber, cards will be printed automatically without your needing to request them.

For all other categories of membership, including Pay-As-You-Go Registrants, users may request a card. This can be done by ticking against your name on the membership list held at the desk on the nights of lectures.

Cards requested at one lecture are usually available for collection two weeks later at the subsequent lecture. Collection in person avoids the cost of postage.

Family subscribers are asked to update the names of family members if they wish each member of the family to receive a card.

Membership cards are not obligatory - we will still be able to verify your membership from the list held at the desk - but you are likely to get in faster if you have a card and bring it with you.


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