CSAR PhD Student Awards

2018 CSAR PhD Student Awards For Applied Research

The CSAR PhD Students Awards continue to go from strength to strength, attracting the ablest PhD students, and this year there were 165 applicants for just 10 places.

The winners were presented with their awards by Prof. Andrew Neely, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations at the University of Cambridge. The ceremony took place on Tuesday 3 April 2018 at The Old Combination Room in The Old Schools. The event brochure can be downloaded.

CSAR is grateful to TTP: The Technology Partnership for its support of this event.


The CSAR PhD Student Award scheme is funded via donations. If you are considering making a donation and would like to discuss it further in confidence, please email Jane Baker (Outreach and Students Awards Secretary) at csarscr@hermes.cam.ac.uk, speak with a committee member, or contact the president, Sir Mike Gregory, at President@csar.org.uk

Updates from previous award winners

From time to time , CSAR receives updates from previous award winners, and you can find these in our profiles of individual winners. A particular interesting example has come from Fiona Strobridge.

Fiona was one of the first two CSAR PhD Student Award winners (then "Bursary") in 2013. She is currently a materials scientist with Apple in California.

"When I was awarded the CSAR bursary this year, I used the money to go towards my trip to Argonne National Laboratory, just outside Chicago. I was carrying out two, weeklong experiments at the national facility, The Advanced Photon Source, in order to gain unprecedented insight into a promising cathode material, LiFePO4, which has received a lot of attention for use in lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles. Luck must have on my side, as President Barack Obama announced he was to give some “remarks” about his support for clean technology directly outside my office and then use my office as his “preparation room” for his visit.

"It was incredible. As the week past, more and more items were brought into the office, all of which had “POTUS” written on them (The President of the United States) and had the presidential seal. It was exciting to see the behind-the-scenes work and the necessary preparations for just a 50 minute appearance.

"Seeing him talk was really inspiring. He brought with him the most calming atmosphere. He started with a joke about us staying standing after he entered and asked if we couldn't afford chairs after the sequester, which went down with a laugh. He must have thought we were a quiet crowd as at one point he said, "yes, I think that deserves an applause", so then the room erupted with applause. It was quite a small audience, so when he finished I rushed to the front to get a handshake and even though I was in the second row, I stretched my arm out in hope he could see me. I didn't expect him to shake my hand, but when he did, he looked at me expectantly as if I should've said something, so I panicked and all I could muster together was "thank-you" in a very meek mumble tone.

"The whole experience was amazing. Hearing him talk about electric vehicles and the drive away from combustion fuel vehicles was really enthusing. I feel so lucky to have been given this unique opportunity."

Fiona Strobridge

Previous award winners

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