Petro Giannaros

4th year student with the Department of Engineering.

(2020): Petros Giannaros was awarded the CSAR Award in 2017 during his 4th and final year of his PhD. His doctoral research focused on the development of autonomic self-healing concrete using microencapsulated healing agents which culminated in a large-scale field trial with the proposed technology. Petros currently works as a Civil-Structural Engineer for a global engineering design firm in Vancouver, Canada. He recently obtained his Professional Engineer designation and has worked on a variety of hydroelectric, bridge, highway, rail, industrial and marine projects. Petros continues to pursue research opportunities while working in industry. He recently co-authored a paper on the seismic evaluation of an old concrete arch dam. The associated project is in the running for the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of British Columbia (ACEC-BC) 2020 Award for Engineering Excellence.

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