Sarah Madden

1st year student with The Department of Pharmacology

Omomyc is a man-made protein that causes massive tumour regression in mice without the emergence of resistance unlike many other therapies. Omomyc has the potential to treat 70% of human cancers. However, Omomyc cannot be used as a drug itself as it is easily degraded by the body. My work focuses on creating a stable form of Omomyc to act as a new cancer drug. I conceived the idea for the project. The drug was designed in collaboration with a group in Singapore, and I am now testing the drug in cancer cells in a collaborator’s laboratory in Cambridge.

Update from Sarah Madden

"I was lucky enough to win the CSAR award in February 2017. Even though it has only been a few months since I have won the award, I have found it has already provided me with a range of new and exciting opportunities.

"It has been a real privilege to talk with the CSAR committee members and other award winners. They are a very talented bunch of people and our chats have taught me a great deal. Winning the award has also allowed me to meet the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, as well as Lord Martin Rees. I recently won a Messel scholarship from the Society of Chemical Industry ( and have no doubt that my CSAR award really made my application stand out. I’m excited for what the next academic year will bring!"

Sarah Madden

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