Yuqi Sun

Department of Physics

Yuqi is a final year PhD student and Trust Scholar in Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Supervised by Prof Neil Greenham, Yuqi is developing novel methods to control the optical and electronic properties of emerging semiconductors and devices based on perovskites for next-generation low-cost photonic sources. Through her PhD and beyond, Yuqi aims to convert scientific advancements into real productivity.

Near-infrared light is crucial for a variety of applications, such as biomedical imaging, sensing and optical communications, while challenges remain in developing high-performance near-infrared light emitters using low-cost and solution-processed semiconductors. Based on understanding of photophysics and semiconductor device physics, we designed a novel molecular additive to control the properties of perovskite semiconductors and interfaces for efficient near-infrared light emission. Light-emitting diodes based on these materials exhibited exceptional performance, paving the way towards commercialization. The insights obtained from this study and the performance of final devices can represent scientific and technological breakthrough in this field (Sun, Y. et al. Nature 615, 830–835 (2023)).

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