Adrián Bazaga

Department of Genetics

Adrián is originally from Spain and moved to the UK to pursue a Ph.D. in Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge, advised by Pietro Liò and Gos Micklem, working on deep learning across various applications, and focusing on language models and multimodality. He holds a M.Sc. in Machine Learning from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), where he did research on AI-assisted therapeutic drug discovery with a Cambridge biotech startup, and a B.Eng. in Computer Science, integrating heuristics and machine learning for optimization problems. Adrián has worked at multiple tech companies, both in Cambridge and London, as well as in renowned institutions such as the Spanish National Research Council. Recently, he accepted a research assistant position at Microsoft Research to advance multimodal language models. Following the completion of his PhD, Adrián plans to pursue an engineer-scientist track to continue his commitment towards translating AI discoveries into impactful applications.

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