The Print Studio, workshop of the master printmaker Kip Gresham

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Building 10, Michael Young Centre, Purbeck Road, Cambridge CB2 8HN

About The Print Studio The Print Studio, led by Kip Gresham, is a professional collaborative printmaking studio & publisher. The Studio is truly experimental in its outlook, more laboratory than factory and embraces the best of both the new and old technologies. Their work is the product of an artist working in tandem with the printers. The proofing is an exploratory process without frontiers; experimentation and invention are at the core. Combinations of media, additional hand-applied elements and innovative techniques are encouraged. Only the very best materials, papers and inks are used. Kip Gresham is one of the most influential and experienced printmakers working in the UK. He’s worked with major artists such as Elisabeth Frink, Peter Blake, Eduardo Paolozzi, Terry Frost, John Hoyland and many leading artists from Europe and the USA; the outreach is truly international, producing publications for a wide range of publishers and galleries. This experience, coupled with a continuous programme of research, has lead to significant advances in several print media.