Babraham Research Campus, Laboratory and scientific service facilities

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Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3AT

About Babraham Research Campus The Campus co-locates excellent basic bioscience researchers with growing biotechnology enterprises so that newly established and growing spin-out companies and SMEs can access world-leading researchers and facilities, so driving excellent research into application. The Campus comprises: The Babraham Institute that researches the basic molecular processes underlying lifelong health, wellbeing and ageing, particularly researching cell signalling, immunology, neuroscience and epigenetics. The Institute also promotes knowledge exchange between academia and industry. Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd (BBT) that manages the Campus, now home to over 60 biomedical companies. Central are Babraham’s bioincubator buildings which provide serviced facilities for new bio-ventures, catalyzing commercial exploitation of research. Our visit will include a presentation by Professor Michael Wakelam, Director of the Campus; a facilities, laboratories and site tour; and a panel discussion/Q&A session with leading scientists on Campus.