Whittle Laboratory

Improving the aero-thermal performance of turbomachines.

Whittle Laboratory, part of the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge

  • Wed 21st Feb 2024

There are 18 places available for the visit, and priority is given to subscribing members (Individual and Family). There's a charge of £10, and you can book at https://csar.bookwhen.com/schedules/uyfz4sip2bb4. (Bookwhen is much cheaper and simpler than Eventbrite, but our account doesn't allow a waiting list. If you try to book reasonably quickly but still don't get a place, please email me on marketing@csar.org.uk and I'll build an offline waiting list).

A two-hour visit around the lab, split in three groups. It should not present any problems to those with limited mobility - no steps or stairs. Parking is available here, on the north side of Madingley Road, 300 m / 5 mins walk away; please put a note in your window saying "Visitor - Whittle Laboratory - 01223 337 581". U1 and U2 buses stop just outside the lab, at roughly 15 minute intervals.

More details to follow.

The Whittle Laboratory was opened in May 1973 by Sir Frank Whittle and is part of the Department of Engineering. Over the last 50 years, Whittle Laboratory research has helped to shape the modern jet engine into a safe, highly efficient system which carries billions of people around the world each year. Today, the Whittle Laboratory's focus is on aerospace propulsion and land-based power generation. Across both areas, researchers are striving to help the Whittle’s industrial partners to achieve net zero by 2050.

We also lead the way in developing new computational and experimental methods which provide the tools needed to tackle some of engineering's biggest challenges. In addition to propulsion and power research, there are also groups working hard to make household appliances more energy efficient, and studying the fascinating aerodynamic problems encountered in sport.